Imagine waking up every day knowing you’re ready for anything that comes your way…

That’s exactly what Clarity Coach, April Welch, does for her clients!

You’re here because → “It’s time to stop the [insert correct option(s): “Hamster Wheel Fatigue” :: “Infinity To Do List” :: “Isolation Vortex” :: “Dragging Yourself Through Life”] cycles!

Great news! April has created a signature methodology using a series of “exercises” & customized templates that guide you out of the chaos & into a life aligned with your goals, dreams & even a balanced workload!

If you’re ready for a clear set of tasks & sense of purpose you’re in the right place, let’s get started …

{{insert happy dance here}}

April Welch

Clarity Coaching

If you’ve hit the “something’s gotta give” brick wall, then you’re in the right place!!

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Step 3: Prepare

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Every new client begins with this 90 min “Dump Your Brain Out” time with April.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your Clarity Coaching will look like moving forward.

In the meantime, review the following topics below.

Consider them tools you can ask April to bring to your coaching sessions as you work through anything you’re struggling to clear up.

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Business Clarity

Business Clarity

Brand Reputation

Step into a mind that has spent 12+ years in the social media industry & utilize the wisdom that can help you navigate where you are & where you’d like to be as a Brand both online & offline.

Thought Partner

Say goodbye to isolation, self-doubt & second-guessing decisions! After years of becoming a “silent business partner” or “business confidante” April realized this skill had a title → “Thought Partner”! All the benefits of a business partner, without any of the headaches
{did someone say have your cake & eat it too?}

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Work/Life Clarity

Action Planning

Creating a M.A.P. (Master Action Plan) is unique to each client.
We work our way through the swirling pieces in your mind & produce a clearly stated plan that you’re excited move forward with

Customized Methodology

So much time is wasted each week doing things that suck the air right out of your momentum!

Identifying the processes & systems that work FOR you (not against you) is no easy task → do you delegate to tech or people? Do you pay for a tool or will the “free” version work?

A customized methodology means life is a well-oiled machine that gives you the ability to clear the clutter from your mind [& workspace].

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work life clarity

Overall Clarity

Healthy Boundaries

You’ve heard about them, those mystical “healthy boundaries” that seem to live in the land of unicorns & just beyond your reach. Not anymore!

Become the “Boundaries Ninja” you’ve always wanted to be

Organizing Personality

April believes everyone is born with the ability to be organized. The problem is, society has stepped in & decided there are only a few “acceptable” ways to do it.
She’s here to BUST that “should” right out of your head → Once you understand how you’re wired, you can spend your time the way you want instead of scrolling social media silently judging yourself {{woohoo}}

This Is Where I Need To Begin

What Clients Have To Say …

April improved my personal productivity in a significant way (in a 45-minute conversation!)

Her ability to quickly hone in on work styles and suggest concrete ways to immediately improve the way things are done was incredible.

And, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Joyce SJoyce S

April was an incredible help on two separate projects I needed assistance with last year.

She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Both products were time-sensitive her flexibility allowed me to complete them on time. Her creativity and attention to detail are a real asset.

I would not hesitate to recommend April to anyone!

Kerri J

As professionals, often we get caught up in doing so many things that we sometimes lose our focus.

Being able to rely on April to help navigate the ever-changing business world has made all the difference.

April knows productivity, marketing and business.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you need April!

Lisa F

If you want a creative approach and endless enthusiasm, April’s your gal!

She is always energizing, positive, and certain that YOUR goals are not only attainable but inevitable if you put the right focus and effort into achieving them.

If you’re not sure you can do it, April will show you why — and how — you can.

Debbie S